In my three decades as a therapist, I have come to believe that it is such a rewarding profession and interesting field to make a living in. There are so many reasons for that, not least of which is the immense satisfaction of doing work that helps other people lead better lives. But if you are looking for a career change, therapy is also a fantastic choice of career for a number of practical reasons as well.

In the fast-paced, uber-connected world we live in, the concept of “business hours” has essentially gone out the window. Employers expect their workers to be on email, on call, and plugged in virtually 24 hours a day. The beauty of being a therapist, however, is that you act as your own boss. Once you build your own practice, you can choose your own hours, which has a huge impact on your quality of life. If you have children, you can see clients while they are at school or at activities. You don’t have waste hours of your life commuting to and from an office during rush hour, and you can even see clients in the evenings if you need to maintain a day job while you are building your practice. This flexibility and ability to work outside office hours is one of the most stress-relieving benefits of being a therapist. It helps you to create a sense of work life balance that eludes many other working professionals. 

Another reason therapy might be a prudent career choice if you’re looking for a change is because there is virtually no overhead to starting up your own business. Unlike opening a brick and mortar shop or restaurant, your premises costs are extremely low, as you only need to rent rooms when your using them. Many gyms, spas, business complexes and other short term rentals will allow you to do this at a very low hourly expense. Equally, if you have a home with a spare bedroom that could double as a consultation room, you won’t have to pay anything at all and you can write it off on your taxes as well. Though there is the initial investment of training (see below for more info) beyond that one-time expense you will not have to be paying huge costs monthly for equipment or for rising rents. That means one of the largest barriers to entry for most would-be business owners—start up capital—is far less of a problem when starting up a successful therapy business. 

The last and by far the most important reason to switch to a career in therapy is the truly unparalleled job satisfaction that comes with it. It makes me so sad to think of all the people in the world working in jobs that make them miserable and don’t do anything to help others. Therapy is just the opposite of that. You are making the world a better place by helping people identify their blockages and address their long-held problems and fears. While you’re doing this, you begin to look at your own life in a whole new way and feel the immense satisfaction and gratitude that comes when you can make an impact with your work.

After a long career in therapy, I can honestly say this feeling of gratitude never gets old. Each and every week, I get emails from clients and readers who say that I have changed their life for the better. Each time I read them, I feel so grateful and happy to have a career that allows me to do just that.

If you are interested in a career change and think therapy is something that might fit with your lifestyle and your passion for making a difference, I invite you to  to learn more about my one-of-a-kind therapy training course, the Marisa Peer Method, by downloading the prospectus. The training course covers both the methods of being a therapist and the business and marketing practices of building your own practice. It brings me such great joy to train other people to do what I do, and I would love if you joined. 

  • Elaine Jackson
    Posted at 20:58h, 13 July Reply

    I am looking for a new career.

  • Kya Rose
    Posted at 01:20h, 12 August Reply

    I cannot imagine a more perfect vocation for myself. I was a mother of 3 with no ambition and no skills, until my daughter died from suicide last spring. I now find myself devoted to the idea of helping others overcome emotional and mental traps that lead to frustration, pain and, in the worst of cases death. Thank you for sharing your method with the world. We need it.

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