Marisa Peer

Speaker, Therapist, Behavioural Expert & Best-Selling Author

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Content taken directly from Marisa’s live training school

*Reason I’m asking for your phone number is so that I can update you on time sensitive information & discounts for my live events. Regards, Marisa.

Marisa Peer

Speaker, Therapist, Behavioural Expert & Best-Selling Author

Receive 1 Hour FREE Training In A Unique “Relationship With Money” Mini-Course

Content taken directly from Marisa’s live training school

*Reason I’m asking for your phone number is so that I can update you on time sensitive information & discounts for my live events. Regards, Marisa.
Welcome to The Marisa Peer Method
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Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

I’m Marisa Peer and for the last thirty years I’ve been working with clients around the world to overcome the problems they face.  I count myself blessed, I have a full diary, a waiting list of clients and I make a fantastic living from being a therapist.

It all started very differently…

When I was younger I decided that I wanted to be a teacher just like my Dad. I loved children and I wanted to help people, so I decided I would be a child psychologist.

I was only 21 and I was studying in Newcastle in a very deprived area. I realised I wanted to find a faster method to help people which is why I went to America and ended up studying hypnotherapy.

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If, like me, you’re someone who works with clients helping to free them from the issues that are holding them back so that they can move on in their lives, I’m delighted you’re here.

Let me ask you something.

Have you ever had a client you couldn’t get results with; a client you couldn’t succeed with; a client who managed to make you feel like a failure? Do you ever wish you could help your clients really quickly to get fast, permanent changes?

If you have, read on…


Why It’s The Right Time To Be A Therapist

Just look around you and you’ll see why this is EXACTLY the right time to be a therapist.

We’re living in a fast-moving, high-pressure world that is only getting faster and more pressurized. And it’s taking its toll. Look at the facts…

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 9.7% of adults in the UK suffer from mixed depression and anxiety, 1.6% have an eating disorder and 1.6 million people made contact with mental health services in 2012/2013.

Stress is estimated to result in £15bn worth of lost production each year and costs the country £3.7bn in direct costs in the same period.

Talk to Public Health England and they will tell you that in 2013 62.1% of the adult population were either overweight or obese; that 25.6% of 2-10 year olds were the same and that 35.9% of 11-15 year olds were similarly affected.

Cast forward to 2050 and we find a population where 60% of men, 50% of women and 25% of children are obese.

The divorce rate is on the increase with Britain having the highest divorce rate in the EU.

The number of suicides in the UK rose by 4% between 2012 and 2013 with male suicides at their highest level since 2001.

Teenagers are under remorseless pressure to achieve at school whilst at the same time being pressured by the influence of social media.

What Does All This Mean To Us?

It means that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there waiting to be helped – helped by people just like you and me.

Why I Became A Therapist

I started my life in Los Angeles as a fitness trainer with Jane Fonda.

One in three girls in Jane’s studio was bulimic or anorexic or exercise compulsive and Jane has had a very well documented issue with her weight. Many of the teachers there lived on a permanent diet and I shared a flat with two girls – one who was bulimic and one was anorexic.

One would defrost frozen cheesecake into a frying pan while crying. The other would freeze grapes and eat one every hour. I lived in the middle of all this and was very focused on finding a cure.

I loved teaching for Jane but I missed my psychology background, I realised that if I trained in hypnotherapy I could cure all these people in my class.

I began my training in hypnotherapy with the genius Gil Boyne. I practiced on my bulimic and anorexic flatmate and cured them both!

I opened my own practice and it was so successful so quickly that I became completely booked up , I had to stop teaching for Jane entirely because my hypnotherapy practice was so successful.

Although my plan was to specialise in people with weight problems and eating disorders, once the word about my success got out I began treating people for every kind of phobia, addiction, medical problem, infertility and countless other issues.

I developed a great reputation and began working on many television shows as a therapist. Because I was known as the celebrity therapist I was appearing on more and more television shows demonstrating the benefits of hypnosis.  When I was appearing on both Celebrity Fit Club in the UK and USA simultaneously, I decided to write my book ‘You Can Be Thin’, which has been a best seller for several years.

I followed that up with ‘Ultimate Confidence’ which has become a textbook for many therapists and is used in many schools, including the school system in Korea.

I then wrote ‘Trying To Get Pregnant And Succeeding” because hypnosis is so powerful at boosting fertility. My last book ‘You Can Be Younger’ is about the power of the mind to slow down ageing.

While I was writing my four books, I also had a weekly column in Closer magazine, a weekly column in the Sunday People and a monthly column in Men’s Health. I was also speaking all over the world on various topics all to do with the power of the mind.

It’s all been so fulfilling, I couldn’t have asked for a better career.


I’m listed in the Tatler guide to Britain’s 250 Best Doctors. This guide lists the experts and pioneers in their field and many doctors use it themselves as well as recommending it to their patients.

I’ve been described as a “great British pioneer” by Men’s Health magazine, and I am the only woman featured in an article on The Best Of British. They refer to me as a “Pioneering Motivational Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist and a Winning Sports Psychologist”.

I’m known as the ‘Therapists’ Therapist’ because of the number of therapists and psychiatrists who refer clients to me who they could not cure.

I am telling you this not to impress you, but to impress upon you the successful career you can have with my approach to therapy.

Everything I have done; the TV appearances, the books, the columns, the speaking events and the therapy, all have the same purpose, changing people’s lives by overcoming their issues so that they are happy and fulfilled.

What have I learnt

  • You learn what you live, however it’s the meaning that you attach to an event that influences you.

  • You can change the meaning at any time and this ability to change the meaning can in turn change your life.

  • When you make a difference to one person, your life has meaning and purpose.

What I learnt about clients

  • Efficacy

    They want to be certain that what the therapist does will work and the changes will last.

  • Confidence

    They want to be confident that it will work for THEM

  • Time

    They don’t want to spend weeks and months finding a solution to their problem; they want fast and permenant change

  • The Solution

    They are empowered when they understand the origin of their issue and further empowered when you free them from it.

  • Lasting Results

    They want to know that the results will not wear off.

  • The Right Therapist

    They can find it difficult to decide which therapist to choose, a new and innovative approach is more appealing than the old outdated weekly therapy model.

Do you want to be able to deliver FAST change that sticks?